Experience Grounded Crystal Resonance Therapy with Nereus Alberts

Some of my earliest memories as a child are digging for rocks in my backyard or finding treasures at the beach. Over time, my love for the mineral kingdom continued to grow, as well as my spirituality. Starting in 2008, I began to study Crystal Resonance Therapy and became certified as a practitioner in 2010.

Little did I know that working with these stones would be like learning to steer a ship in the sea with a new kind of compass. My whole life changed. It was as if the stones had an intentional plan for my life, how I would heal, and how I could offer healing to others, too.

Fast forward to now. I’m excited to be opening my crystal and stone cases up to share with the world. Together we can dive into the beautiful and powerful world of crystals, stones, minerals, and space rocks.

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Crystal Healing & Learning with Nereus

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