photo of wulfenite by Thomas R. Castles for Mood Crystals

Now that we’ve talked about the fire element in general, it’s time to talk about fire element crystals and stones, and a simple practice that can help us connect with the fire element.

Because of their chemical makeups, these are stones that I turn to over and over again when I want to connect with the fire element and balance it within me:

Fire element crystals and stones include:

  • carnelian
  • citrine
  • imperial topaz
  • vanadinite
  • wulfenite
  • zincite
  • heliodor
  • fire agate
  • orange calcite
  • clear calcite (also known as Iceland spar)

I work with these stones when the fire inside me feels low, or I am burning too hot too fast, or I just want to feel the warmth and glow of the energy of fire.

Here’s a simple practice I enjoy doing with a fire element crystal or other kind of stone.

  • Grab a hot beverage like tea or coffee.
  • Sit with the stone in your non-dominant hand (whatever hand you don’t write with).
  • Take a few breaths into your heart.
  • Then breathe the stone into your heart.
  • After a few rounds of breathing the stone into your heart from your hand, take a sip of the hot beverage.
  • Become aware of the heat in your mouth running down your throat and warming your abdomen.
  • Fully allow the stone in your hand and the heat from the drink to fill you with the fire element.
  • While you are connecting with the fire element, send gratitude for the warmth in your heart and body.
  • Then ask the stone how it would like to work with you.
  • Keep coming back to your breath.

Let the stone be your anchor.

You can do this practice as frequently as you want. Just remember that when invoking the fire element, you may have fire flare ups. If that happens, trust yourself to navigate the experience, and surrender to what fire is guiding you through.

If you try out this practice, I’d love to hear how it goes for you.