This guided meditation was recorded with Christel Alberez to accompany our book and deck, Mood Crystals. The Core Crystal Practice Meditation serves as a sanctuary for the body, mind, and spirit to relax fully.

This guided meditation invites you to commune with and receive the frequencies from the crystal you’re working with.

We’ll connect with the water element as a portal to support emotional and intuitive exploration. At its very essence, water brings people and community together, deeply cultivating life.

Emotionally, water has cleansing abilities to clear and refresh the body and mind.

If you’re new to meditation, don’t worry. We designed this experience to be accessible for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned meditator or just beginning to explore its benefits.

I’d love to hear about your meditation experience. How did you feel before and after the meditation? Did you notice any shifts in your mood or perspective? Please feel free to hit reply and share your thoughts.

Thanks for being here on this crystal journey. I’m excited to continue this adventure with you, one meditation, one crystal, and one mindful moment at a time.