Mood Crystals Book

by Nereus Alberts & Christel Alberez

Organized by emotional states, Mood Crystals will help you to cultivate your emotional intelligence as you develop greater awareness of your current mood and practice consciously with crystals.

This guide to crystals for beginners and beyond, will give you practical exercises for engaging with the right stones at the right time and in the most effective way.

The book includes detailed practices to help unlock the stones’ power:

  • Crystal meditations for movement, sound, and touch.
  • Journalling exercises to record your experiences and discover patterns in the ways the crystals have helped you.
  • Conscious crystal dreaming, which activates the sensory and medicinal qualities of support you associate with dream time.

A questionnaire at the back of the book allows you to assess what youโ€™re actually feeling and decide which crystal (or crystal combination) will be most beneficial to you at any given moment and which of the practices you should try with each particular crystal.

Mood Crystals 50-card Deck & Booklet

by Nereus Alberts & Christel Alberez

Find the right crystal for every emotion in 50 cards. Mood Crystals Card Deck is a unique way to identify your feelings and guides you towards crystal choices to enhance your mental wellbeing.

Each card in the deck shares:

  • Insight into our different emotional states and how to better identify how you’re feeling right now.
  • Suggestions for practices to enhance or transform your emotional state.
  • Recommendations for specific crystals to work with depending on your mood and emotions.

As human beings we all experience a myriad different emotions that have a profound effect on how we live our everyday lives. The awareness of our emotions, or emotional intelligence, is an important skill to cultivate as it is inevitably connected to personal wellbeing and the vitality of all relationships in life.

Crystals and minerals are teachers who can guide us through their specific energetic signatures how to maintain, enhance, or alter our moods. When we are aware of our current mind state and work consciously with crystals, we can find practical yet deep practices to help evolve our emotional wellbeing.