Crystal Resonance Therapy Sessions

With a focus on customization and individualized attention, each Crystal Resonance Therapy session with Nereus is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Through an intake process, Nereus will gain a deep understanding of your current state and guide you on a journey of healing and transformation using a variety of crystals, minerals, and other modalities.

During your in-person session, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the power of crystals and other metaphysical tools firsthand, as Nereus guides you through a range of healing techniques and practices. From guided meditation to Reiki, shamanic journeying, drumming, and more, each session is designed to support your personal journey towards greater clarity, creativity, and companionship on your transformational path.

In addition to the focused healing time you’ll experience during your in-person session, each session includes a half hour follow-up online session to review the elements, feedback, and next steps revealed during the in-person session. This ongoing support provides an added layer of guidance and accountability, helping you stay on track and achieve your goals over time.

After an initial session, many clients choose to book a series of sessions with Nereus for ongoing support.