After starting to formulate a relationship with the fire element inside you, I now encourage you to turn to the earth element.

In my experience, my fire energy needs to be grounded. Most often I pick the earth element to do this because earth can take on the excesses of the fire and transform it into stored energy. When I am feeling low on energy, I can look to the earth to share with me the excess fire I had offered in the past.

As far back as I can remember, I loved putting my hands in the earth.

When I was about 3 or 4 years old, Iโ€™d turn on the water hose in the backyard to create a mud pond. I remember feeling connected to something big and powerful. Whatever was happening inside my home, I could come outside and turn the hard earth into a slippery, splashy, mushy mess where all of my joy could be restored. I still can feel that joy and celebration for life when I reflect on those memories.

This is the power of the earth element that is so alive in me today. The earth restores me, makes me feel humble, small, taken care of, provided for, nurtured, and understood.

Both of my parents love gardening and working with plants. They taught me a lot about growing food and tending the land. Food is such a grounding and earthing force in my life today. All food comes from the earth, so naturally it has a grounding effect on our systems. Some food can make us feel light while other food can make us feel heavy or dense. The earth teaches me abundance, trust and a greater understanding that everything we need is all here and provided for by the earth.

Here are some earth element thoughts to ruminate on:

  • Like crystals and stones, so much of our food is composed of minerals.
  • Earth is the foundation, structure, and stability that gives us life as we know it.
  • The elements on earth dance together scientifically and spiritually.
  • Earth helps us to be stable and balance all the other elements inside us.
  • When out of balance, earth can show up as procrastination.
  • In the body, my bones feel connected to earth, because the bones are the most dense part of our makeup.

In another post, Iโ€™ll share a practice to connect with your earth element, so for now, I want you to observe on your own if there are ways you naturally connect with the earth.

Take some time to observe the way food makes you feel, put your hands and feet on the earth, connect with plants in nature. These are ways to start building an understanding of the earth element inside yourself.

Then from there, you can start to call on this storehouse of energy when it’s needed.