When I work with the earth element in the context of Crystal Resonance Therapy, I open myself up to ancient knowledge.

I breathe in the endless breath of all those who have walked this Earth long before me. The earth element connects me to all life. The earth element is the foundation of my existence.

In my body, the earth element is represented by bones and tissues. These parts of the body are the most dense, and mineral rich. It also is connected to my feet, legs, and pelvis.

As you grow a deeper connection to yourself and the element of earth, it’s helpful to cultivate a daily practice. One of the many ways I love to connect with the earth element is through walking in nature.

  • Before I start my walk, I’ll take a few breaths to connect with myself.
  • Then I will call on the earth element inside me.
  • One way I do this has been to create a symbol I can draw on my hands then putting them together in a prayer position.
  • I close my eyes and visualize me connecting with the forces of nature around me.
  • I may ask for help in some way. I may say something like, “Earth element, I call on your energy and presence to help me stay grounded and connected to my body.”
  • Then I walk for about 20 minutes, give or take. As I walk, I pay attention to my body.

These are examples of appreciation that I’ll share with myself about myself.

You can adapt these reflections to align with your own body’s abilities.

I’ll start at my feet and thank them for the ability to walk and the physical connection they are to the earth below me. Next I’ll thank my ankles for holding my body up, then my calves for being strong, my knees for their flexibility, my thighs for their power, my hips for letting go, my private parts for the ability to create life, my stomach for digesting energy, my heart for its warmth and love, my shoulders for holding so much, my arms for taking in and letting go, my throat for the ability to communicate, my mouth for tasting, my nose for smelling, my eyes for seeing, my ears for hearing, my brain for its ability to process.

  • After I feel complete in loving myself, I will bring more awareness to the bottoms of my feet and start to breathe the energy of the earth up through my feet, all the way up to my heart then to the top of my head.
  • I’ll do this part at least three times to feel a strong connection with the earth below me.

I encourage you to do what feels best for you!

The Earth is constantly shifting, spinning, changing, expanding, and contracting.

When I connect with the earth element I am connecting with the energy of all life from which I came and will return to.