When I think about working with the earth element, I think about grounding.

That said, grounding is an important practice for working with all elements. This guided grounding meditation helps us connect with all of the elements in our crystal resonance practice.

Grounding is a process that helps release excess energy and also is a way to access energy when one is feeling depleted.

The following meditation is a great grounding and connecting tool. Please let me know if you try this meditation and if having a recording of me reading it to you might be helpful.

Conscious Crystal Resonance Meditation

  • Ground into the body first through breathing.
  • Find yourself in a desert landscape, taking in the beauty around you. See the sun shining overhead, the sprinkling of green scattered throughout the distance.
  • As you begin to survey the landscape, take in a full 360 degree view of your surroundings.
  • Notice a shelter from the sun in the distance.
  • Begin to walk towards this inviting space.
  • As you approach, notice that it’s actually an entrance to a cave.
  • Step in the archway and immediately feel the cool shade wash over you.
  • Walk deeper into the cave until you come to a cavern. The walls of the cavern are lined with clear drusy quartz sparkling like a shimmery glitter in its radiance.
  • Notice a giant quartz altar in this cavern. As you approach the altar, you see your beloved stone sitting there.
  • Reach out and physically grab your stone. Feel its texture, temperature, and shape in your hand.
  • Welcome this teacher and ally into your heart. Offer it your heart smiles.
  • Sense the being within begin to awaken to your greeting. Feel the reciprocal welcoming this vibrational being offers back to you in kind.
  • Put forth the intention in your heart, asking the stone how it wants to work with you at this time.
  • Send this pulsation down to the stone from your heart.
  • Sit in the sanctuary of the beat of your heart as you open to receive from this stone.
  • Allow yourself to journey for a few more minutes before calling yourself back.