Recently we talked about crystals and the water element. Today I want to share about how to work with your fire guide and the element of fire in general.

The fire element governs the endocrine system, metabolism, and energy flow in the physical body. On an emotional level, fire helps us to utilize our will effectively, make choices, and take action toward our desires. The fire element generally helps us to feel more empowered to create our own reality.

The power of the fire element can be a source of healing, creativity, cleansing, and ecstatic energy. Fire gives us passion to create and manifest. Fire is the element that rules art, ecstasy, and expression.

As children we experience Fire as unbridled energy and movement, excitement and creativity. As adults we experience fire in our ability to create new life through sexuality and expression of life force.

When fire is overactive, it can cause destruction. Fire can reduce our most cherished possessions to ashes, or even take life. Emotionally, this polarity is expressed as uncontrolled anger, violent tendencies, greed, power lust, and hate.

When fire is underactive, we can feel like there’s no spark in our life to make change, be creative, or connect with others.

I encourage you to continue to build and grow a relationship with your fire element guide. When engaging in any of these practices, remember to consciously call on fire, getting curious about how to play and interact with this guide. You can:

  • Light a candle
  • Interact with the sun
  • Build an outdoor fire
  • Fire gaze

Keep in mind that if things start to get too hot working with fire, you can always call in earth. Walking barefoot in the grass is a great grounding exercise to connect with earth.

I hope you’ll let me know if you try one of these practices!