In my lineage of Crystal Resonance Therapy, we practice with the five elements of earth, fire, water, wind, storm.

When I connect with the storm element, I connect to a power that is big, strong, wild, and comes on fast.

Recently I was at the ocean for several days with my partner. The ocean is a place where the energy of a storm is alive even if there isn’t an actual storm happening.

The ocean โ€” and storm โ€” are places where all the elements are present.

The sand is the earth element. The sand is made of little shells, and bones ground down by the salty water.

The sun above is the fire element, because it’s reflecting off the water it can burn even hotter at the ocean.

The water element is the sea, in consistent movement, unlike other bodies of water the ocean is always moving.

Then there is the element of the wind. Watching the birds ride the gust of wind at the ocean is so beautiful and makes this invisible force come alive.

These four elements are in complete balance with each other at the ocean.

The element of storm is energizing, clearing, and releasing. I love hot summer nights when a storm rolls in. All day the pressure has been building then out of what seems like nowhere a storm comes and releases the pressure with intense downpours, lighting, thunder and wind gusting.

Storm teaches me to be steady, strong and patient with myself. It teaches me boundaries and control of power. It also shows me that things can build up and how I chose to release them can be destructive or a place to rebuild.

There is a joyful excitement that lives in a storm. A calmness that washes over me right before a storm. A knowing that all storms in life pass. The storm energy cleanses our spirits, and environment. It opens something inside me that needs new energy.

Storm also teaches me to slow down, or speed up. You donโ€™t want to get caught in the middle of a storm without shelter, and you don’t want to rush through a storm to get some place. Sometimes the best thing to do in a storm is to just wait it out until the clear sky rolls back in.

Storm element brings people together. It can feel victorious as a community to rebuild, share resources, or to simply bring comfort to those in need. Storm can also be devastating. If you aren’t prepared it can take a lot.

So keep in mind that when working with this element that it can have a big powerful effect on you.