Here in the northern hemisphere, we’re in the middle of winter.

Winter is the season of short days and long nights. It’s a time of cold and comfy. Winter helps me to turn inward, to take inventory of this past year, and to review my growth. It’s a time to gather and share the abundance of the season’s past with our communities. A time to rest and restore from all the work of growth and harvest. The winter is quietly whispering to slow down and conserve energy.

I often think of winter as connected to the element of water.

Winter can be deep, dark, calming, and peaceful. Winter is a time to dream of the next year ahead, to meditate and visualize your future.

Water is the most nourishing and essential element for life on the earth. Water is the element of flow, letting go and connecting to the emotions. If we fight against the current we will drowned but if we let go and just float and come to find bliss

This is a time of year when a lot of people can struggle with depression and feelings of being alone. Someone wise once told me that the word depression can mean a time of deep resting.

I think that feelings of depression and loneliness become louder this time of year because the emotion of fear can become very strong. Thinking back to our ancestors in general and even to my own lineage in particular, fear about how we’ll be able to get through the winter safely were present.

Some things I do to stay connected to myself and to the community this time of year include:

  • Scheduling regular body work sessions for myself
  • Seeing an acupuncturist almost every week
  • Going to community events like sound baths
  • Meditating with crystals and stones
  • Watch movies that bring me joy and laughter

What are you doing this winter to take care of yourself?

Hope you’ll loop me in so I can cheer you on.